Remote Administrator Rogue Detection Sensor upgrade

After using the Remote Administrator Client Upgrade task in Client Tasks, the last step is to upgrade the Remote Detection Sensor on the appliance.

  1. Download the new version from:
  2. Transfer the file to the /root/eset_installers directory of the ERA appliance via FTP.
  3. Set the file permissions of the uploaded installer file to 755.
  4. Update the symbolic link to point to the newly uploaded file by running the following command:
    1. ln -sfn root/eset_installers/
  5. The above command must be run by first changing to the eset_installers directory (cd /root/eset_installers).
  6. Once the symbolic link is updated, backup a directory (cd ..) and run the installer to upgrade the Rogue Detection Sensor installation using the following command:
    1. sudo ./ --skip-license

Taken from this forum post: